Introducing the next generation GEVOL: Elevating Your Audio Experience

I’m excited to unveil the latest advancements in the GEVOL lineup, packed with innovative features and a sleek new design, the GEVOL is set to redefine your audio experience like never before.

One of the most exciting additions to the next generation GEVOL is the inclusion of new inputs, catering to a wider range of audio sources. Whether you prefer the convenience of USB Audio In, the classic charm of Analog In, or the seamless connectivity of Bluetooth AptX HD for headphone listening, the GEVOL has you covered.

But that’s not all – the enclosure and hardware have been redesigned to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. The sleek, anodized black design not only complements any space but also reflects the cutting-edge technology housed within. And with the addition of an RGB power LED, you’ll have clear visual indicators of different states, whether you’re listening to Hi-Res material or simply enjoying your favorite tunes.

The mission of the GEVOL is to deliver an unparalleled audio experience that transcends expectations, empowering you to immerse yourself in the music you love like never before.

Stay tuned for more updates as we’re preparing to launch the GEVOL this summer. Your audio journey is about to reach new heights – are you ready?

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